Google Assistant Holiday Season 2020

After helping to make this quarantine period more fun for many people around the globe, Google is all set to make the holidays even brighter. Google wants to give every family a more festive season by making things easier, more convenient, and safer. The goal is to help the young and old alike and make sure everyone is happy. More tools are being introduced as the tech giant closes out the year 2020 with new features and improvements. New tools are ready for better experience with the Google Assistant and Google Fi.

Google has added Family Notes to the Google Assistant. They work like digital sticky notes so you can leave them for other family members. You tell Google what special reminder or message you have for the family.

Family Bell is getting new sound effects. The suggested bells and your preferred bells will be heard on your smart speakers or smart displays. You can create a Family Bell so the whole family can stay organized. These bells can soon be paused while you’re resting from school or work, while on vacation, or for a single day.

More content are available from the likes of ABCmouse. You can ask what you can learn with the whole family or tell you about new facts about animals or nature. Smart Displays and smartphones are also getting a new “interactive” story category. Say “Hey Google, tell me a story” and start listening to new content from Noggin, Capstone and more.

Google has also integrated Life360 and Google Maps with the Assistant. Their kids can ask about their family’s location. Young kids can also enjoy a personalized Google Assistant experience as made possible by Family Link.

As for Google Fi, it’s much safer with the new features and services introduced. You can easily manage the family members phone habits. Feel free to block strangers from contacting your children on their Android phones. Only allow those recent and saved contents.

Set a data budget so you known how much your child uses with the Fi Flexible plan. Family Link is also used on the Fi app so you can limit screen time, set content filters, manage app downloads, and more.