The Android team has finally rolled out Google Assistant to some supported Android phones. Specifically, these are Nougat and Marshmallow-powered devices that are capable to run the personal assistant. One of the most requested new features is SMS interaction and good thing that Google decided to bring it. Google Assistant can now read SMS text messages if you’re using a Pixel, Pixel XL, or any compatible phone with the beta 6.14 version of the Google app.

Feel free use the ‘Read messages’ feature. You can say “Do I have any messages?”. The Google Assistant knows if there are available new messages. It can also open a message interface for you. If you’re familiar with Google Now, it’s the same interface but is actually new to the Google Assistant. To be updated of new messages, you can say “Show me my last message”. Google Assistant will then get the latest conversation and share with you.

Google Assistant won’t know if a message is read or unread so it will only read whatever is the latest. It will also ask you if what to continue and hear the message or simply move to the next item. This voice feature will definitely be useful during those times you’re too lazy busy with something else and your hands are full or maybe driving but still wants to “read” the messages.

The feature takes advantage of the default SMS client but also works with the SMS integration of Facebook Messenger and Hangouts. The Google Assistant can only read messages but not notifications, at least not yet.

VIA: 9TO5Google