If you’ve been using Google Assistant as your default voice digital assistant, then it’s always good news when they add support for more devices and smart home appliances. They are now adding smart home doorbells to the list of devices that can use Google Assistant if developers will integrate it to their respective apps and devices. Smart doorbells have been added to the extensive list of items that can interact with Google’s digital assistant once they use and develop the feature using the Assistant API.

9 to 5 Google shares that it’s been a while since Google has updated its list of types of devices that can use and interact with Google Assistant. The last update was in July of last year but now finally we see some movement in this list. The addition of smart home doorbells to the list means developers that are working with various OEMs that have these products will be able to use the Assistant API so it can be rolled out to users soon.

Doorbells have evolved to more than just a way for people to let you know that they’re at your door by ringing it. Smart home doorbells have two major purposes now and Google Assistant will be able to help make your home smarter and safer. First, if integrated to your doorbell, Google Assistant will be able to notify your connected smart home devices that someone is at the door even before they ring the bell or when they ring the bell.

Smart doorbells have also become a soft of security camera if there is a video component shown. Homeowners can see who is at their front step through the doorbell. They can also detect if someone has dropped off or picked up a package from your front step. The integration of Google Assistant will make it easier to send notifications, alerts, and even stream videos if the device has the capability.

Of course Google Assistant is already present in Google’s own Nest Hello doorbell but this allows other companies to have almost the same feature set as Nest. If you’re a developer or an OEM with smart home doorbells, you can check out the Google Assistant API document and start working on that integration.


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