When you’re trying to get an update from your smart speaker or smart display about your schedule for the day or upcoming appointments, all you get is information from one account. But as with a lot of people now, they usually use a personal Google account and a work account and it’s important to know schedules for both. Now it looks like Google is trying to make this easier for users as your Google Assistant will now be able to access your Calendar and Meet events from all your connected accounts.

According to Android Police, you will now be able to link your other Google accounts to your Google Assistant so that it can simultaneously access all the information needed from both or all accounts. For now, it seems to be limited to Calendar and Meet events but most likely, Google will also be giving access to other information you’ll need from it. This means that when you ask “Hey Google, what’s my schedule today?”, your phone, smart speaker, and smart display will be able to tell you all your schedules from all the Google accounts you’ve added.

To connect your accounts, go to your Google Assistant’s settings, which can actually be accessed several ways through voice commands or going to your Google app. In the All Settings portion, you’ll see now an Accounts category. You’ll see all your other, secondary Google accounts and you can choose which ones to link to the main account. This means you will give access to Google Assistant so it can access data and services from them.

Google gives you an explanation about this feature should you choose to link it. There is already a support page where all is explained, including the fact that if you turn on personal results for your primary account, all personal results for secondary accounts are also turned on. And if you turn results off, the same will happen. You may also need to turn on VoiceMatch or FaceMatch to be able to access personal accounts.

So once all this is done, whenever and wherever you ask Google Assistant for your schedule, you’ll get results from both your main calendar and your secondary accounts as well. No news yet as to what other things aside from Calendar and Meet events will be eventually accessed and shared.


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