Book a ride Google Assistant

The Google Assistant becomes more helpful than ever with new functions. For those who prefer ride-sharing, you can combine your love for the smart voice assistant and the idea of ordering a ride as Google now allows the Assistant to book your rides. This improvement will benefit those who simply want to have a good time with family and friends and not worry about how they’re going home.

Ride services are very common now. We know some people who no longer own or drive a car because of the convenience ride-sharing like Uber, Grab, or Lyft offers. With the Google Assistant on your phone, smart speaker, Google Home, or Android TV, you can just command “Hey Google, book a ride to ______” or say “Hey Google, get me a taxi to___”. If you prefer a service from a certain company, just say. “Hey Google, get me an Uber ride to_____.”

Some of the ride services supported include Uber, Lyft, Grab, GO-JEK, and Ola. The Google Assistant will provide a list of the services plus wait times and estimated pricing. Once ride options are available, get your phone, click on the ride service you want, and confirm booking.

Note the language supported is English, at least, for now. Other languages will also be available someday.

SOURCE: Google