Google has made looking for things, both online and offline, so much easier that “googling” has become an acceptable verb for some. Of course, the tech giant will still continue to try and make life easier for people with new features and updating search-related apps. Google Assistant can now localize your search for services near your house or office so it will be easier to find a plumber or cleaner or electrician, etc. Meanwhile, over on Google Search, audiobooks are now included in your search results.

If you have a smartphone or voice-activated speaker that supports Google Assistant, you can now just say “Ok Google, find me a plumber” and your Assistant will ask you further questions to narrow down your search. It will ask you for specific issues that you need solved or confirm your address and area, then give you the available options. It can even offer to have the service call you or you yourself can call them directly. In some cities, the suggested providers have been prescreened by Google and if none are available in your area, it will refer you to the nearest one.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a book, Google Search will now show you audiobooks in the search results. It will also show you the price as links as to where you can get the audiobook. Some users noted that Google Play Books is included in the GIF tweeted out by Google so this means that audiobooks may be available soon on that platform. No official announcement has been made, but a previous APK teardown proved this is a big possibility.

The local help from Google Assistant will be available in the US only for now and they did not specify if it will expand to other territories. Meanwhile, the audiobooks on Google Search results is now rolling out to users.

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