Setting up routines through Google Assistant is not always that easy or intuitive especially if you’re new to it. But over the years they’ve been adding new tools to make it a bit easier for you to do so. The newest tool that they’ve added is called “Daylong Routines” and it lets you automatically trigger actions at different times during the day. It still takes a few steps to learn how to set up routines but eventually, users will get used to it the more they use it.

9 to 5 Google shares how Daylong Routine will make your life a bit easier. When you’re creating a new routine from the Google Assistant settings or from the Google Home app, the page will look slightly different. There’s now a bar at the bottom of the screen that will ask you if you want to schedule a Daylong Routine and tapping yes will allow you to choose what days it should run and what time zone you’re in or you want to follow.

Then under Actions, you’ll have to add a time first and then choose the action. You can add as many times and actions to be able to create a daylong schedule. Each card you create is also pretty easy to arrange as you can drag and drop it as you schedule. It’s a much more intuitive way to create actions rather than the previous way of creating multiple single-action routines. There is also an “Enable Routine” toggle at the top of the screen so it’s easier to disable and enable Custom Routines.

Last week Google Home users also got a new option to program delayed starts for your Assistant Routines. The shortest available is a minute and users will be able to drag the “after __ minute/hour” card when they’re in the timeline view. This option can be accessed through the Google Home app and the Assistant settings as well. It seems to have been added specifically to go with the “Daylong Routine” as they can be useful together.

The Google Assistant Daylong Routines and the delay start option are now both widely available for Google Home and Google Assistant users. We’ll probably see more tools added in the next few months as well to make our smart homes truly smarter and easy to set up as well.


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