For those who always forget to remember where they parked their car, we have good news for you. It seems that a functionality that they introduced back in 2014 is now coming back. Your Google Assistant can once again now “remember” your parking spot. So even if you forget to manually save it on your Google Maps, you don’t have to go through other painstaking processes and instead ask the age old question, “Dude, where’s my car?” Or in this case, you go Hey Google, where’s my car.

Back in 2014, Google already brought this feature to Android devices but for some unknown reason, they took it back. But all is forgiven as they now seem to be rolling it out again to users according to this article from Android Police. Google Assistant will now automatically display where you parked without you doing anything. While you can always manually save your parking spot in Google Maps or track it through your location history on Maps, this is still the more convenient way to do so.

Assistant will actually rely on your location history so it might not really be 100% accurate. It estimates when you stopped driving and started walking and assumes that’s where you parked. In case you actually managed to remember to save your location on your Maps, it will assume it is the most accurate information and so it’s the information it will show in your card.

For this initial rollout, Google is not able to use the power of Android Auto or a Bluetooth connection to your car’s infotainment system to give you a more precise location. Hopefully, in future iterations of this feature, it will be able to use this information as well.

Google seems to be gradually rolling it out through server-side activation so you might not be able to receive it just yet. You’ll have to rely on your memory, or at least remember to manually log it on Google Maps.


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