We’ve been hearing about the wonders of Google Assistant (well, from Google of course) for some time now, but the problem is not all of the Google devices actually have it. There have been rumors however that it will soon come to Chrome, or specifically, to Chromebooks. Now it looks like we have sort of official confirmation that it will soon be there because the Google Home app has listed that you can “Chat with your Assistant” on Chromebook, although it’s not yet available in real life.

It’s not really surprising that Google Assistant will come to Chromebook of course, but we haven’t heard an official announcement from the tech giant. We’ve heard rumors through code commits and all, but no physical evidence as of yet. But when you go to the Google Home app, you’ll see in the compatibility section of the Chat with your Assistant section, it says that it is available on Google Home, Allo, Android 6.0+ phones, Chromebook, and iOS 9.0+ phones.

There is also a Chromebook icon that is seen next to the Google Home and smartphone icon. While you probably won’t be able to actually use it on your current Chromebook, this indicates that there are solid plans and that it may actually happen soon. It’s taking Google some time to make the AI-powered digital assistant available on all their platforms and products and so it’s not taking off as fast as initially expected.

The availability of Google Assistant on Chromebook, and maybe other platforms or devices, will probably be announced during the October 4 event where they will be introducing the Pixel 2 family, Google Home Mini, among others.

VIA: 9 to 5 Google