The Pixel 2 is one of the few made by Google hardware products that have been released into the wild. It’s received pretty good reviews and its fair share of criticisms as well, but it looks like Google wants to know how actual users feel about it. There seems to be a random survey that will pop up in the settings section, asking you to answer the one-minute questionnaire to improve what are probably future models of the flagship or even future Google hardware products.

One of the writers from Android Central was going through his Pixel 2 XL settings when he noticed a pop-up on the bottom right of his screen with the title “Help improve Pixel: 1-minute survey”. It’s not a must that you have to answer it since there is a “no thanks” option and if you tap that it will go away. But if you do decide to be a little kind to Google and answer it, you’ll be presented with several questions on a larger pop-up window that won’t take you away from your current settings window.

Some of the questions include “How satisfied are you with this phone?” then the options range from very satisfied to very dissatisfied with the accompanying emojis. It also asks you when you started using the Pixel 2 XL and what phone were you using previously. There is also a box where you can type in other comments, in case the questions didn’t cover it.

It seems like they are sending it to random owners of the Pixel 2 XL, and maybe not the Pixel 2. It can be annoying for some so if Google persists on sending this survey, it might get a few more complaints about it. But you can always just press the “no thanks” option.

VIA: Android Central