If you feel like all that Netflix binge-watching and endless social media scrolling has somehow affected your brain (and not always in a good way), maybe it’s time to take a break and explore some art. As we keep saying here, one of the most underrated products from Google is their Arts & Culture app. Now that most of us have a lot of time on their hands, it’s time to bring art pieces and museums to your home and all you need is a smartphone to be able to do so.

Previously, we told you about their latest feature, Art Transfer, which lets you turn your selfies or pictures into an artwork based on your favorite style or painting. You can be a Da Vinci or a Kahlo or a Warhol and all of the transformation is done on-device and not on the cloud. There are a lot of other things you can do on the Arts and Culture app. Art Palette lets you generate art based on your favorite colors. You can also get decoration tips by uploading photos and seeing what color palettes would work with it.

If you want to imagine how your favorite art masterpieces would look in your living room, you can use Art Projector to try it out. Well, virtually and through augmented reality of course. Speaking of AR, it’s also what the Pocket Gallery feature uses so you can create a curated virtual space where you can view their featured exhibits which includes Vermeer masterpieces and the Chauvet Cave, a 36,000-year-old art gallery with some of the oldest cave paintings known to man.

The app also has 360-degree videos which can be enhanced with a Google Cardboard as you view dinosaurs exhibits, Space Shuttte field trips, and a virtual visit to the valley temples of Bagan. Meanwhile, you can tick off some of your bucket list places (just virtually for now) as you get to explore through Street View some of the most famous museums and tourist sites in the world like the Taj Mahal, Sydney Opera House, British Museum, etc.

So whether you’re making it part of your kids’ home art class or you want to be more cultural and artsy, you can explore all these tools and more from the Google Arts & Culture app. Download it for free from the Google Play Store.