A lot of us probably miss traveling and have had our future travel plans derailed by the pandemic. So the next best thing really would be to visit them virtually. Google Arts & Culture is one of the best apps to have if this is something you want to explore. But if you don’t have the app installed on your phone, they are now bringing some of their cultural virtual tours, in fact, a hundred of them, to Google Search to make it easier for users.

The new virtual tour feature on Google Search will let you explore 100 of the world’s most popular museums and cultural sites. When you search for any of them on your Google app, you’ll be able to see a virtual tour link in the About section. You’ll be able to view photos, Street View imagery with a 360-degree view, artifacts, and interesting facts that you need to know about the place and the photo you’re viewing.

You’ll be able to see places like the Palace of Versailles in France, the Palace Museum in China, the Valley of the Temples in Sicily, or Mount Haguro in Japan. You’ll be able to explore some parts of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in D.C or the Museu Nacional de Belas Arts in Rio de Janeiro. There are also some assisted reality features that you can explore like an Apollo 11 module or the world’s oldest cave paintings.

Some of the tours you’ll see are using high-resolution images so you’ll be able to zoom in on some of the artifacts and artworks in the museums. But if you’d like to explore more of these places and cultural sites, you can always download the Google Arts & Culture app itself to see their various collections and explore more places from your living room through your mobile device.

But exploring some of these on Google Search is a good first step. This is only available in English right now but hopefully they’ll be adding more languages soon.