AR Ancient Creatures

The Google Arts & Culture team continues to work on improvements that will add to the knowledge of everyone. Since most people around the world are still on lockdown, thanks to the pandemic situation, kids need more entertainment than ever. The tech giant has actually introduced a number of new products, services, and updates especially when it comes to augmented reality experiences. A few weeks ago, Google let us play with digital insects in AR. Google has been updating 3D and AR in Search so learning can be more fun for everyone.

Google has recently teamed up with London’s Natural History Museum and Moscow’s State Darwin Museum to bring prehistoric animals back to life…err, digital life. Right on your smartphone, you can see the old animals like the Cambropachycope which is an ancient crustacean with a pointy head covered with small eyes. (To be frank, it just looks like an alien shrimp.)

Check out the other old animals like the Aegirocassis (a 480m-year-old marine animal), Spotted trunkfish (a toxic reef-dweller), and the Blue whale (the largest creature on Earth). Take a picture of the animals in augmented reality (AR). Place them beside your pet cat or dog for fun.

To learn more about nature, history, and culture, download the Google Arts & Culture app from the Google Play Store. Explore the collection of objects in AR whether on iOS or Android.

You can also check out other unusual cultural artifacts in the app like the Apollo 11 Command Module, Frida Kahlo’s paintings, and the pre-Inca “smiling god” called Lanzón from 500 BCE. The app is free so don’t say knowledge is expensive.


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