So of all people and blogs, Google is known to love and enjoy April Fools Day. They had all sorts of weird stories up this year. If you happened to catch any of them, this year they were good. From the kinect-like Gmail Motion thing, to entering the font “comic sans” in your browser search bar and everything came back in comic sans font. Today it looks like someone at Google is still having fun.

Go find a mobile device, preferably an android one, open to stock Google browser and search for “Tilt” on your phone. The results come back a little different than usual. Well played Google, well played. Even scrolling is a mess and tilted. This also seems to be happening on iPhone, but I think it’s a bug for them, and just for fun on Android.

On April fools searching for “kittens” had a similar result where it showed Google Maps and locations of a few wanted kittens, that is now no longer working sadly, but it’s cool yet scary to see just how easy it is for Google to mess with our beloved search results we all rely so heavily on. I know I do. So go ahead and give it a try, type tilt and show a friend how you broke his phone somehow.

[via Reddit]



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