It was only last week when we noted the recent change on Google Search and now we’ve got information about another version that brings a number of changes like new doodles for an in-app experience, web pages opening directly right inside the app, offline voice activations, and an enhanced look and feel of the search area. The voice actions that turn on WiFi, play music, and turn on flashlight are said to be available in the United States only, at least maybe for now.

This particular update also brings a major change when searching for Google images. You can now search images with a specific color or type. You can filter images according to the latest posts, color, or whether it is a GIF or clip art that you want. When you get the latest Google app version, start searching for an image and you will see the filters.

This is a pretty neat improvement because people have been looking for ways on how to make searching for images on Google faster and more convenient. Previously, we could already search using the Tools available–Size, Color, Type, Time, or Usage Rights among others. The Google app enhancement shows search results faster with just one click. No need for deep links on Google Search because the app will easily show the filters and colors you may need and eventually choose.

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