We can all agree that Facebook is still more popular than Google+. For whatever reason, Google’s social network didn’t really take off as expected but there are groups, businesses, and organizations relying on G+ to promote their products and services, share information, and believe it or not, build a community. If you use the Google+ app on Android, you should get the most recent update that brings several important enhancements including a new filtered view, deletion of multiple items, and the addition of flagged content for review.

Updates and unread notifications can now be seen in a filtered view so you can easily find what you’re looking for. For items listed on the Activity Log, you can now delete multiple items at once instead of having to erase one entry at a time. Those people always using the Community feature, moderators can now see items for review. Flagged content will be shown in one area so reviews can be done quickly and in just one location. No need to look for them because the updated Google+ app now comes with this special function.

The G+ Android update offers several bug fixes as well as solutions to four accessibility issues flagged earlier. Notifications can now be filtered by ‘All’ or ‘Unread’ while a number of Communication moderation tools have been added. Web browsing is even made more secure on WiFi and you can now hide the top bar when scrolling through Collections and Communities.

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SOURCE: Google