When you buy a new smartphone, probably the first thing that you want to buy for it is a new case. So after Google announced that the Pixel 5a with 5G is arriving at the Google Store this August 26, the next order of business is showing off the new, official case. Unlike previous cases though, this one is not made from fabric but is being touted as a sustainable one as it is “maximizes the use of recycled materials”. The case is made “sustainably, super protective, stylish, and affordable.”

The Pixel 5a with 5G case is made from shock-absorbing materials that should be able to protect your new device from things like scratches, bumps, drops, etc. They have conducted more than t,000 hours of quality and reliability stress testing on the case and presumably the phone to see how it can stand up to things like high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and the more common physical impact. But even if it has a new, double-layered construction, it is not bulky or adds to the weight of your phone. Google says it’s “molded to perfectly fit” your new smartphone.

The case will be available in four color options that give off a dual-tone look: Black moss which is actually dark green, Maybe Moon or gray, Likely Lime which is likely light green, and Partially Pink which combines blue and pink. The case has a hard plastic interior and a “squishy” and somewhat translucent but shock-absorbing exterior with cutouts for the volume rocker and power button as well as for the USB-C port and headphone jack.

Made by Google products are striving to be more sustainable by using recycled materials. The Pixel 5a with 5G case uses 75% post-consumer recycled plastic for its inner layer and all in all, the case is made up of 34% recycled plastic by weight. Consumers are now a bit more conscious about the sustainability of the products that they use. Electronics are some of the biggest waste polluters so creating more sustainable products, at least for their accessories, will go a long way.

You can already pre-order the Pixel 5a case for your upcoming new smartphone. It’s also pretty affordable at just $29 each.