Just a week before Thanksgiving and Black Friday, expect more brands, OEMs, carriers, and retailers to make similar announcements. Discounts and deals abound online and in stores so allow us to help you with your shopping. The week started with Samsung giving a preview of Black Friday deals online. Amazon followed with some great deals and discounts. Today, Google has announced its Black Friday promo that includes the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. You can get a second unit of the Pixel 3/3XL for half the price.

Cash discounts are also available on the Pixel 3 phones. Special deals are available as well for the Google Home Mini, Google Home, Google Home Hub, Chromecast, Nest, and the Pixelbook.

For Black Friday 2018, you can avail of the BOGO 50% off deal (Buy One-Get One) from November 16 to 21. You can also wait for the $200 discount on the Pixel 3 XL and $150 on the Pixel 3 the following week (Nov 22 to 25). The following Cyber Monday, buy a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL to get a free Google Home Hub and a $50 Google Store credit.

From November 22 to 26, the different Google Home models will be offered with discounts and part of new bundles:

• Google Home Hub ($50 off)
• Google Home Mini ($24 off)
• Google Home Mini + Chromecast ($39 off)
• Google Home Mini + Smartlight bundle ($24 off)
• Google Home ($50 off)
• Google Home Max ($50 off)

The Pixelbuds are discounted as well, less $50. The Chromecast Audio and Chromecast Ultra are $20 less while the standard Chromecast only gets a $10 discount. Titan Security Key kit is 20% off on the Google Store so it will be sold for only $40.

From November 18 to 28, the Pixelbook is offered with a $300 discount, Clips at 50% off, while several Nest products will also have discounts from Nov 21 to 28 only: Nest Learning Thermostat ($70 off), Nest E Thermostat ($30 savings), Nest Hello: ($50 off), Nest Cam Indoor ($70 off), Nest Cam Outdoor ($50 off), Nest Protect ($20 off).

After Black Friday, there’s still Cyber Monday. Get the Daydream View with less $60 and My Case ($60 off). The Google Home Hub + Google Home + Wifi 3-pack (Wifi PDP) will give you a $129 savings. Purchase a pair of Google Home Max to save $150.

VIA: Droid Life