Regardless of how you feel about Samsung, it is pretty hard to ignore the name when it comes to Android. In addition though, Samsung also makes a device that happens to be running the other OS from Google. You remember, Chrome OS. And on that note, Google, along with Lakeshore Learning has announced a new offer for the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. One that means very low prices for those in the classroom.

In short, Google will be offering the Chromebook for $99. That is down from the regular price of $249. Despite the low price, this offer still includes the management and support. Keep in mind though, not everyone is going to be able to score one of these deals. According to details coming from Google, this offer is open for full-time teachers in the US and those looking to take advantage will need to go through

Those interested will need to make the request prior to December 21 and thankfully, the process seems simple enough. It begins with a visit to the DonorsChoose website where you will need to fill out a short form to get the process started. This beginning step is nothing more than giving an email address along with your name and the amount of Chromebooks you plan to request.

From here you can expect an email within 24 hours that will get the process moving forward. The next step would be to create the actual request on DonorsChoose and get the funding process started. Yup, that may be the catch — the request and the option to get the Chromebook for $99 assumes your project gets funded. On the positive side though, anyone can fund these projects, which means you can get help from a variety of sources to include family and friends as well as your school.

[via Official Google Blog]