Google has a wide and varied range of things it is involved with. The Android platform is one of the company’s biggest successes with a huge part of the mobile market. Google is debuting a new service called Google Mobilize that has a goal of allowing business to make mobile website landing pages to promote their brands. Apparently, 28% of mobile users in the UK have used their phones to make a purchase in the past.

That is why the new service is launching in the UK rather than the US. Google Mobilize is free for businesses to use. The goal is to get the business to sign up for AdWords Mobile. Advertising is a huge moneymaker for Google. The Google Mobilize service isn’t the interesting part of the Guardian’s story though. The interesting part for Android fans comes way at the end of the coverage of the mobile offering.

The Google Android Market has now reached a massive 4.5 billion downloads. Think about how the Android market is growing. Google’s Ian Carrington said that it took the Android market two years to hit a billion downloads. The last billion downloads from the Android Market happened in only 60-days.

[via Guardian]



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