If you’ve ever read an Android article and thought “what is Dalvik?”, you’re probable not alone. In being open source, there are a lot of things the casual user comes across that might seem foreign. At the end of the day, your experience with your device and operating system are what matters, but if you want a resource for knowing more, we found it. In fact, we found an Android app that tells you all about Android.

The aptly named Google Android Info app gives you the full history and details on what makes Android so — well, Android. With all the info floating around, it’s nice to have a mobile go-to repository for even the most basic of info. It’s not pretty or flashy, but the app gets the job done. From the first available release of Android (Cupcake) to special features found in our favored OS, this app has a lot of great info.

We especially like the section on building a simple Android app. That little gem walks you through the basics of Android app creation. From starting your computer up all the way through to the finishing touches, you’ll get a basic understanding of just how difficult — and time consuming — building an Android app can be. It’s a bit basic, and could offer up more info to the casual observer, but it’s still a great point of reference.

If you’re interested, check it out via the Play Store. Like we’ve said, this is a cool reference point, but needs some finishing touches and edits to be truly great. The paragraph on removable storage notes “with an Android phone, you can pop in a new SD card and have gigabytes more storage to play with.” Tell that to my Nexus 4.