Still on Google+? We only know a few people who are active on the social network but we’re not dismissing the fact that the communities are still relevant. Product Director at Google Luke Wroblewski recently shared that the Google+ Android app is getting an update. The 7.0.0 version will roll out in the next few days so be ready to download the update from the Google Play Store.

The developers have worked hard on this one. About 69 bugs were squashed and 14 accessibility issues were officially addressed. You’ll notice soon that when scrolling, the bottom tab bar will be hidden automatically so it gets out of your way. When using Search, autocomplete suggestions are displayed as you type so you can easily see related results. Don’t be surprised if you receive prompts to add Collections or Communities because the Android team added such feature as well.

The Google+ app for Android’s home stream is smarter now as it can remember when you return to it from a different app or screen. This version is still being finalized so it’s not as stable yet. If you happen to try the improved app and encounter bugs, feel free to send feedback. The developers would appreciate it.

Download Google+ from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Luke Wroblewski