Google+’s Android app brings all the joys of Google’s new social network to a sleek looking smartphone interface. It hasn’t been free of hitches though, especially in regards to notification issues. Google’s got an update in the Android Market which makes notifications better all around, as well as bringing improvements to the often under-appreciated huddles feature.

Google’s update brings nothing earth shattering, but quite a few fixes and small, but cool features. It isn’t as exciting, but lets start by breaking down the fixes. Notifications have been improved, with the added bonus of notifications that people have added you being combined to prevent a flood of repetitive notifications as the G+ grows. Generic “improvements” have also been made to accuracy for the “Nearby” stream, and autocomplete for adding people to Huddles.

Huddles have also seen several new features. First it is now possible to start a private 1-on-1 huddle with a member of a group huddle by clicking their name. These 1-on-1 huddles can now be “hidden” (deleted from your list), akin to leaving a group huddle. Lastly links are now clickable in huddles, a much needed feature that allows for better sharing and plan making.

Google’s changelog on the Market also lists the ability to reshare from your stream to individuals as well as a fix for a glitch which caused the stream to reset to the top whenever the screen rotates. More goodies for sure. Check the Market for the update now, or if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot. Happy +’ing!