More often than not it seems that patent related stories involve companies fighting. Well, that or trolls. But on that note, it looks like we have some patent related news that includes neither. Perhaps a bit more interesting, it is a patent related story that has Google and Apple working as partners.

The patents involved are those of Kodak. You may remember, Kodak is in the bankruptcy process. That is expected to complete in the first half of next year. But in the meantime, it is looking like Google and Apple will be coming together to purchase some patents. The report comes by way of Bloomberg who are reporting based on “people familiar with the situation.” The companies have reportedly made an offer of more than $500 million.

The interesting part here, while many would think a partnership between Google and Apple unlikely, it seems that in the world of patents — this may fairly common. In fact, it will be beneficial for both parties involved. Well, technically speaking, for all three parties involved considering Kodak can use the money.

As to the patents, they deal with the capture, manipulation and sharing of digital images. Otherwise, as many would have expected, both representatives from Google and Apple declined to offer any comment on the situation.

[via Bloomberg]