Google Security Checkup

Google puts high regard in mobile security. It may have failed several times in this area but rest assured, the development team is working hard to address whatever problems are reported. Data protection is important and as such the tech giant is integrating Google Cloud’s Titan Technology and Android’s Backup Service. The main goal is to maintain the privacy of every mobile user when using old or new smartphones as long as on Android 9 Pie. The idea is for app data to be backed up and decrypted by a key that not even Google knows. The key can be a passcode, pattern, or lockscreen PIN.

The passcode key is encrypted to a Titan security chip somewhere within Google’s data center. It appears complicated but it’s one of the many secure ways the tech giant wants to make as a standard.

When needed to be decrypted, it would need a correct passcode. Every access to the decryption key must be authorized by the Titan chip. Several wrong attempts after a limited number will permanently block access.

The challenge is those wrong attempts have a limit that must be enforced by a Titan firmware. The said firmware can’t be updated easily. You need to erase the content of the chip and start over again.

This new security technology is developed by the Android Security & Privacy team together with several major experts. Google offers transparency by getting reviews from external groups. This way, we can be sure the company is serious with its security efforts.

SOURCE: Google Security Blog