Google has rolled out yet another chat app in Allo. This instant messaging program is different from the Duo video chat which is also separate from Hangouts. Google said that the latter is more for desktop and corporate while Allo is for mobile. We’re curious if the Allo and Duo will be set as default on Android 7.0 but I guess we’ll know for sure once the first Nougat phone becomes available.

UPDATE: The previous version of the text erroneously said that Google Allo is now available. While the app is listed on Google Play Store, it is still in a private testing stage and is only accepting pre-registers. We apologize for the confusion it has caused.

The Google Allo app is now listed on the Play Store but is ONLY accepting pre-registers. The tech giant describes this app as one the can make conversations easier, more expressive, and more productive than ever. It’s not just for random mobile communications but it can also be used for work and other projects that need a more efficient way to connect.

We’ve featured the Google Allo before but haven’t really tackled its more significant features. For one, this Allo features an Incognito Mode so you can chat privately with anyone. This means conversations are protected with end-to-end encryption. Chats can also be hidden from those prying eyes as you can use private notifications only you can know.

The app also features a new Incognito Mode. Making this more private and secure is Signal. The Google devs also made sure that chats in Incognito Mode will remain private yet identifiable with their choice of icon, dark blue grey background, and private notifications. Such messages will not include a preview of recent messages. You will only see those who sent the last message.

Another good thing about this Incognito mode is that Allo deletes the message after some time. Just like Snapchat, incognito messages an expiry time. Another important thing to remember includes the inability to take screenshots of Incognito conversations. A small timer will also be placed on top of a conversation. It’s up to you how you will use it or set an alarm. You can also have different settings for each incognito conversation for quicker access.

Check out Google Allo on the Google Play Store and sign-up to pre-register.

VIA: Android Police