Google videos enhancement

Posting videos on Google+ was recently enhanced so the result would be a higher quality video. You know how uploading mobile videos can be done quickly on the social network but they don’t always come out nice as the original. Quality would be lower than usual but the Google+ team, as announced by Software Engineer in a post, added some features. The uploader can now edit the color, lighting, stability, and speech in videos. Most of the enhancements are already available but the stability function is coming soon.

Google+ takes pride in the one-click enhancement feature. It’s also easier to operate now. To store videos, use Auto Backup which will securely save your mobile videos. Google+ will then analyze the picture and audio quality automatically. Some videos can still be enhanced and desktop Web users can be notified of the possibility. A banner will be shown asking whether you would like to see enhancements. This preview will then show two videos side-by-side comparing the changes you may apply.

To make things even easier, there’s Auto Enhance. Simply choose More>Auto Enhance to any videos you want to upload whether you’re on Chrome OS, Linux, Mac, or Windows. On an Android device, open the Google+ Photos app then open the video, tap the overflow menu, and then click on Auto Enhance.

Below is a sample 26-second Video Auto Enhance Comparison:

SOURCE: Google+