This is a surprising change of pace. Lately the entire ads thing has been getting bigger and bigger, with more apps supported by ads, or having ads in them. Looks like Google is either testing this feature and someone noticed, or are actually adding an opt-out feature to the settings page. That sounds nice doesn’t it.

Obviously built in advertisements and things of that nature will still happen. That is why most of your favorite apps or games, like Angry Birds are free. Because of the in-app ads. This is nice to see if you are one of those that is tight on privacy, or always watching these types of things. I know if many of you are like me, you only click Ad-Mob ads on accident and hurry and hit the back button.

You can see the option in the photo above, it wont actually remove ads, but it is more control and I like that. You can stop internet based ads that are targeted towards YOU, the user of that device, with this option. We will definitely update this story when and if we hear more.

[via Android Central]


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