Since a lot of people are expected to buy smartphones and tablets this coming Christmas season, it’s important for Google to have as many payment options as possible for those who want to purchase apps and games. There is still a huge segment of the market that don’t have credit cards, so other options should be available. The tech giant has added even more carriers and countries to their growing list where users can use their carrier and Google Play Cards to purchase digital content.

First off, carrier billing, where you can charge your Google Play Store purchases to your mobile carrier, is expanding to 7 more operators in various European countries. Telnor from Hungary, Orange Romania from Romania, and Turkcell from Turkey are now part of the countries and operators that Google is allowing to do carrier billing. The others to join this list are 02 from Czech Republic, TIM from Italy, Orange from Poland, and H3G from the UK. The latter countries already have other carriers that do operator billing as well.

Meanwhile, six more countries have been added to the list of privileged nations that can buy digital content by using Google Play Cards. Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden residents can purchase these cards at various convenience stores in order to buy all the apps, games, movies, books, and music that they can with the denomination they have on the cards (well, provided that those kind of content are available in their countries).

Belgium, Finland, and Ireland have denominations of 15, 25, and 50 Euros while Denmark, Norway, and Sweden get 150, 250, and 500 Krone/Krona cards. All in all, Google now has 28 countries with Google Play Cards, but there are no announced plans yet to add to that list.

VIA: Android Police (1,2)