Today Google has added another one of those small yet ever so useful features to their search capabilities on mobile devices. More importantly on tablets now that they’re rocking their own Nexus 7. Today they’ve introduced interactive weather visualization for tablet devices — something that is already available for smartphones.

It’s actually quite easy to enjoy, and something that is so natural and fun that you’ll probably use it without ever thinking about it. Simply type weather into the search bar or Google while browsing on your Android tablet and you’ll get a nice interactive weather update. This includes the 10 day forecast and all that neat stuff for those worried about the rain. Or the heat for peeps like me living in the hot desert sun.

A quick mention over on Google+ by Google confirms the fancy new features, so give it a try. Once open you’ll see a few days of the week but you can simply scroll through them with the glide of your finger for a full 10 day breakdown. You can scroll by temperature, hourly, and the 10 day forecast and more. It’s a small feature, but something nice that just adds that extra polish we all love.