Google is always ready to improve its own products and services. Two of the products frequently updated are Search and Maps. The latter is always being integrated with other apps and services. Recently, detour options were added without leaving navigation, restaurant hunting was made easier, and easy Street View access was also added.

Meanwhile, Google Search is improving at a faster rate then ever. We know that it’s being updated in a beta testing program. ‘Apps’ results layout and colored grids hit mobile search and images from PDF in image search were included. One interesting feature we saw in the recent months was the fact that Google Search can tell you if a venue or store is packed.

The search giant is adding holiday hours to Search and Maps just before the holidays start. Information on hours of operation or if an establishment decided to close on a given day will be very useful especially if you want to make a visit. The idea is for Google to easily tell you if a store is close or not on a particular holiday. Basically, you’ll be notified of the office hours or the holiday schedule if indicated. If information is not available, a warning will be displayed saying that hours may be different because of the holiday.

If you search for a business and the holiday hours aren’t listed, you’ll see a warning message alerting you that the actual hours may be different because of the holiday. And since the info you need are not available, Google can still provide you information on an open shop nearby. Tapping on the “Open Now” filter will reveal establishments that can still serve you.

Google knows everything even holiday hours. This new feature will be very beneficial to the adventurers and travelers who are always looking for new places to visit, restaurants to try out, or shops to explore.

SOURCE: Google Maps