If you use Google Voice, and really why wouldn’t you – it’s such a great free service that lets you have one number to ring all of your devices – you can now add a standalone Google Voice widget to the home screen on your Android phone.

“Mobile is all about getting super fast access to what you’re looking for and Google Voice is no exception. So, today we’re releasing an update to the Android app, which gives you immediate access to your Google Voice Inbox and settings via two new home screen widgets.

The Google Voice Inbox widget brings your most recent voicemails and text messages to your home screen. With the widget, you can now quickly flip through messages in your Inbox, and if you choose to select a message preview, it will open in the Google Voice app.”

From the widget you can quickly compose and send free text messages via your Google Voice number, change your settings such as what calls to place via Google Voice, and activate Do Not Disturb directly all of your calls to voice mail.

[Via GoogleMobile Blog]