You will see just how big a deal virtual reality (VR) is to Google when you realize that the Google Store just grew a dedicated VR section overnight. Today, a lot of people noticed that a VR section is now being advertised on the Google Store, and it contains all the thingamajigs that you’d need to start your very own VR addiction.

To be honest, Google was already into VR way ahead of all the other companies that jumped into the bandwagon recently, as it was one of the first to have its own VR project with the DIY headset called Google Cardboard. Since then, Google has invested a lot more into VR recently via a restructuring that ended up creating a dedicated virtual reality department within the company.


With the new section at the Google online store, it is now even easier for people to get their hands on their own low-cost VR headset. The new section highlights Google’s Cardboard VR headsets and apps that you can use to get VR and 3D content. It even gives users a number of different options on which Google Cardboard-compatible VR headset to get.

All this is happening while rumors run in the background of Google launching an improved version of the Google Cardboard headset soon. The device is rumored to come with sensors, new software and a new gaggle of apps to support it. We just wonder if the “low cost” nature of Cardboard, which is one of the best things about it, will remain.

SOURCE: Google Store