Ever since Google launched the new Tez payments app for India September last year, many people have started to take advantage of the mobile payment method to pay for a number of products, services, and utility bills. The tech giant added the Bharat BillPay system a few weeks ago and now the app is said to have about 13.5 million active users. A new chat option was also added and so the users began to take advantage of it. The result is WhatsApp being a direct rival since it’s also launching a similar payments product in the country.

The chat feature can be used in a transaction. It makes things easier and more convenient for both sender and recipient because they can confirm within the app–right then and there– and communicate if they have any questions.

The app is based on the Unified Payments Interface. The chat feature should be available for all app users soon as rollout is slow but steady. Adding the messaging factor makes Tez easier and more convenient to use. Sending a payment is as simple as sending a message. This way, tracking a transaction history will be easier. The main goal is better and faster customer service.

VIA: Economic Times


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