Google App At A Glance Widget

Widgets are useful most of the time and Google knows that. The tech giant wants to take advantage of such privilege by introducing new ‘At A Glance’ features. It’s a widget that offers support for work calendar notifications and more. It knows what you need at the moment based on previous preference or history. It was initially developed to show time and weather as a Pixel launcher feature. It then started showing different alerts like calendar events, flights, or traffic.

Google and Android developers have seen the value of the widget in showing alerts and so they improved on it and made it available to other mobile users. It also now shows other data from the Google Assistant. The next expansion is about to happen as Google is working to present data from the work profile on the device.

There is no official release or update from Google but XDA’s chief Mishaal Rahman got to activate three options before on his Google Pixel 4. He recently got to enable the ‘At A Glance’ option manually directly on the Google app, specifically, version v11.9.14.29. This brings alerts from the phone’s work profile that may include calendar events or related alerts.

Feel free to update to the latest Google app version. Head on to Home Settings > At A Glance and see for yourself which alert options are ready for you to manage or enable.


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