This morning we’ve learned that the folks from Google have acquired another company, one which is actually pretty interesting. It’s called Bump, and their CEO and founder David Lieb confirmed the news today on their site in a quick blog post. Bump is a bit like Android Beam or S-Beam for sharing files, although it’s all done in the cloud.

Instead of using NFC (Near Field Communications) which many phones don’t have inside, Bump uses a data connection and the cloud to share the data. The point here being two devices can bump together and share apps, pictures, video, contacts, documents and more all over a wireless connection and the cloud. No NFC required. Bump even supports computer sharing.

There’s nothing actually going on with the devices in terms of the transer, like Android Beam, except sensors and the app noticing two users are wanting to share data. They actually “feel” the bump and the transfer then starts to the cloud, and to the second device. It’s an interesting approach, one that can be embedded into Android and work across all devices, no matter what.

Back in 2011 Bump had more than 60 million downloads, but since then hasn’t been a very big or recognized name in the space. Bump confirms the team will continue working as always, and will keep improving and updating the app just as they were before. Surely Google will use Bump and their team, and likely blend it into Android Beam, but we’ll have to wait and see what exactly they have in store.

VIA: The Verge