A bit earlier today, shortly before noon on the east coast, we began seeing reports of issues with Gmail. Specifically, users were complaining that it was down. Most of the reports were talking about Gmail, however there was also some that mentioned other Google services including Drive and even Chrome.

Anyway, Google acknowledged the issue a short time later. The message came at 12:30 and appeared on the Google Apps Status Dashboard and stated rather simply that they are “investigating reports of an issue with Google Mail” and that they would “provide more information shortly.” The basic we are having issues type of message.

True to the promise, 40 minutes later Google posted a follow-up letting everyone know that the issue should be resolved. The key here, the issue “should” be resolved. In other words, while the issue should be taken care of, some users could still have an glitch or two and if you happen to be having issues, rest assured in knowing this is not an issue with your connection.

The funny part here, while Twitter broke out with numerous messages making it sound like the world was coming to an end, we suspect a few people were actually able to get some work done given they could stop paying attention to email for a few minutes. Of course, if you were using Chrome, you may have been held up with a crash or two as a result of Chrome Sync. Regardless though, things should be back to normal now.

[via Google Apps Status]