Regularly checking your account settings isn’t the most fun thing to do but if you use a lot of Google products and you link it to most of your digital and online life, you should check on them every once in a while for your own security and privacy. Navigating through everything is also not the easiest thing in the world but it looks like Google is working on it to make it more organized and more intuitive for its users by redesigning the Google Accounts page.

You will now see everything under your name organized into tabs. You can see your Personal Info, Data and Personalization Options, Security Settings, Payment Methods and Subscriptions. Under each of these tabs, you’ll be able to see the minor categories that you may want to explore and check every once in a while. For example, you can see all the devices that are linked to your Google account, the contacts you’ve stored into your account, the items you’ve bought through the Google Play Store, etc.

That’s okay if you have the time to explore the different things under your Google account. But sometimes there are specific things you need to do that can be sometimes difficult to look for. Good thing you’re talking to Google and they are now using their search engine powers to make it easier. You now have a search function in the Accounts page so if you need to change your password, just type in password and it will lead you to the relevant sections. There is also a dedicated support page with community experts in case you still can’t find what you’re looking for.

The security and privacy items are probably the ones most important to you (as it should be) and after the implementation of the EU’s data privacy and protection laws, Google has made it easier for you to review and personalize your settings. You can choose what activity data you want to share with Google, what ads you want to see or you don’t want to see across your Google experience.

They will also send you notices and suggestions to improve your security. For example, if you haven’t been using a device for some time now, they’ll suggest removing it from your connected devices. Or if you have some unverified apps that you gave access to, they’ll suggest you revoke said access. These suggestions are important since you probably don’t think about things like these anymore.

With the redesigned Google Accounts page, hopefully you’ll take a look at it and try to make your account as secure as you possibly can before something untoward happens. Better to be secure and a bit paranoid than be sorry in the end.

SOURCE: Google