Partnering up with Google may prove to be more lucrative for the carriers then we originally thought. We already know that Google’s Android is an open source product that anyone can adopt for use on their handset. We also know that Google shares a portion of the app sales with carriers. According to multiple sources, Google is sharing some of its advertising revenue with the carriers to further entice them to use Android on their handsets.

Android has taken off in a way that is unheard of for a new platform. In just 18 short months, there are reportedly 60,000 Android handsets being shipped out every day. Is this new source of revenue behind the success of Android? If this is true I’m sure it helped a few carriers decide to offer Android phones. But, to get this deal it is speculated that the carrier has to include Google’s apps or carry Google Experience phones. Google and a few carriers declined to comment.

[via paidcontent]


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