This pandemic has really shaken the whole world. We acknowledge it may not be easy for many people but there is no point in dwelling on the bad things. For some, they want to make the most of the free time by doing things they’ve been wanting to do. For a few, it’s time for them to get really fit and healthy. No excuses now. Just because there is no gym open, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. There are many things to do for you to sweat.

No, we’re not telling you to declutter and clean out the whole house. You can simply follow those exercise videos you see on YouTube. For the more serious health enthusiasts, you can follow suggestions provided by Google Fit.

Google Fit is Google’s very own health and fitness-tracking platform. It’s mainly for the Android OS which has been extended to the Wear OS platform. The Google Fit app for wearables has been updated recently to improve on several activity goals, presentation of data of physical activities, fitness goals at a glance, and more.

Google Fit has been updated to show one’s performance at a quick glance. Oftentimes, data can be complicated but with Google Fit, you can easily and quickly view information. The design has been updated to bring brighter visuals and bolder text. Checking-in on activity goals is easier now with the updated user interface.

Google Fit is able to support several physical activities. The app will help you reach AHA and WHO’s recommendation of at least 150 Heart Points. Check your data on the smartwatch so you’ll see if you’re near in reaching your goals.

Tracking any physical activity is easier and more convenient. Tracking steps is easy on Google Fit. You can see step count and Heart Points as they are now paired together as goals which you can see easily on the app.

Get the updated Google Fit for your Wear OS by Google smartwatch or Android phone. You will see the improvements and changes soon–not only on the phone but maybe, just maybe, in your body. That is if you do physical activities regularly.


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