The Samsung Good Lock app, which gives you customization options and plugins, made a comeback of sorts last year and just last month released its 2019 update. That doesn’t mean it’s already done for the year as they’re bringing more new features that you can choose from should you want to add new things, especially to your brand new Galaxy S10. If you do have one now, you’ll get the option to have an LED notification light on the cutout. You also now get plugins you can use for screen recording and to search through your notifications.

There are third-party apps that can light up the area around your selfie cam whenever you will receive a notification to supported apps. But having one from Samsung is probably better and of course a good option to have. Simply go to the Edge Lighting+ section in the Good Lock app then tap on the new Eclipse option. Then you can customize the camera cutout lighting the way you want to, like choose the color for each type of notification or how long the blinking will happen.

However, it won’t always work for all types of notifications all the time. Third-party apps like WhatsApp won’t work when the screen is off. What will get through when your screen is off are notifications for incoming calls and preloaded apps on your phone. But when it’s not locked and you’re actively using it, then it works for all of the apps, Samsung-made or not.

Meanwhile, there are new plugins as well for the Good Lock app. You can now record your phone’s screen on video, including sound through the Nice Shot plugin. You first have to take a normal screenshot of your phone then you’ll see in the smart capture options, alongside drawing, editing, a button for screen recording. Just tap that and it will do as its name says. There’s also a button there for you to add tags to the screenshot you just took.

The other new plugin is called NotiStar which basically shows you all your notifications in expanded form. In this, you will be able to search through your notifications by a person’s name or through any word mentioned in the notification. However, searching by app name doesn’t work for some reason. The workaround is you set custom filters and keywords which should define the app that will get included in the search.