Good Lock is one of the more interesting Samsung-exclusive apps that lets you bring even more customization options for your Galaxy smartphones and tablets. There are a lot of modules within the app that lets you do things like change UI elements, make multi-tasking even more efficient, and of course, enhance Samsung features like Always On Display, one-handed-mode, etc. Samsung will be adding more features soon and may even be adding more countries where Good Lock will be available.

SAM Mobile shares that members of the Good Lock development team have said that they are planning to add more features and modules to the app. They did not specifically say what these are but this may include making custom stickers through Samsung Keyboard, enhanced theme customization, editing app icons, etc. The team also said that Good Lock actually helps developers in communicating with users through their feedback.

Despite the app’s importance and popularity (37 million downloads and counting), it’s actually only available in 15 countries. As part of their plans to further develop and expand Good Lock, we might finally see it become available globally or at least in more countries than it currently is in. They did not specify which countries or territories will soon get the app but we can probably expect announcements later this year.

Probably one of the reasons why the expansion is slower than expected is because Samsung has to update Good Lock every time there is a major Android update. Because of the levels of customization, they have to reset all the existing ones and then redo it on the new Android version. It can cause some confusion for the uninitiated and so they will have to field a lot fo customer support calls.

Despite these challenges, Samsung seems to be intent on bringing more Good Lock features. As long as there is a demand, the team says they will continue developing the app. Let’s wait for the Android 12 update to Good Lock later this year.