Samsung Good Lock 2021

More Good Lock improvements are ready for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. The new features and changes are meant to enhance the mobile experience on the tablets. The Good Lock app regularly gets an update. It is meant for further personalization and customization. The latest round of updates comes after most Samsung devices are getting the Android 11 OS. The latest for the Good Lock app are updates that can keep things horizontal, One Hand Operation+, color palette customization, and more personalization with Keys Cafe.

Keys Cafe was first introduced last October. It’s getting an update with more optimized features, layout customizations, bespoke shortcuts, fun keyboard themes, and effects.

Theme Park lets you personalize a color palette. Start with the keyboard, wallpaper, and Quick panel theme. You can choose the colors you want.

One Hand Operation+ allows you to have better device controls. Gesture handles on the tablet screen can also be added so you can be more comfortable. Some actions that can be used include turning off display or loading a previous page. A gesture handle can also be set to capture a screenshot.

Samsung has the MultiStar feature and it’s getting ‘Rotate with our best’. This feature lets you use all apps in landscape mode or horizontal mode. You can also enjoy ‘Enable multi window to all apps’ to launch multiple apps in a pop-up or split-screen views. Also recently added is the ‘Immersive Mode’ so you can hide the status and navigation bars especially in split-screen view.