Rogue Play, along with Warner Bros. have announced the next Godzilla game for Android. The game, Godzilla Smash3, will be arriving on May 16th. The announcement mentions how the game will be free, and arriving alongside the worldwide release of Godzilla, the movie. While all this sounds good for Android users who also happen to be fans of Godzilla — the game may not be quite as action packed as you would expect.

You see, this Godzilla game is arriving as a puzzle game. The game is said to be bringing a mix of “devastating action with tactical puzzle mechanics for a unique, dual-layered experience.” You’ll control “each stomp, slash and bite by matching — or “smashing” — tiles on the lower portion of the screen.”

As you match tiles you will control Godzilla and watch him “demolish battalions and sink ships.” One of the highlights, for players with “enough skill” — will be to unleash Godzilla’s signature Nuclear Breath. Smash3 will take players though a series of enemies from the film, and also allow for Godzilla upgrades to “match their play-style and call upon friends in times of need.”

Anyway, Godzilla Smash3 is coming to the Play Store on May 16th and will be available for free. While the descriptions have it sounding rather action packed, we cannot help but overlook that it is a puzzle game. Or rather simply, not what we would expect for a Godzilla title. The trailer sitting below will give a slightly better look at the action.