‘Cloud Chasers’ doesn’t have anything to do with your numerous cloud storage accounts. You can’t chase your files on the cloud but with this new role playing game developed by Blindflug Studios, you can experience a journey of hope that’s unfortunately also a dangerous one.

There’s a world above the clouds. We just don’t know it but in this game, you can discover what’s up there. But before you reach whatever is above, you have to go through those five deadly deserts. The game features a small family that must be guided. Only you can help them to reach that gateway to the world above the clouds.

To be successful, you need to be wise. Try to carefully understand all the unique narrative encounters on every level. You’re required to take advantage of all your skills, resources, and equipment. That trusty old glider of yours? You can still use that to fly and pass through the clouds. Just make sure you always refill your water reserves.

This RPG presents a beautiful but randomly generated steampunk world where you can learn about the story of the planet and those who live in it. There are countless of short stories you can encounter within the game. Get to know the main characters Amelia and Francisco and discover their life and the world they live in.

In ‘Cloud Chasers’, you need to help the characters survive in the desert simply by trading items, upgrading your cloud glider, and gathering more water even up to the last bit. Your journey through the desert will be a challenge but simply managing your resources and equipment, and planning the correct strategy will help you survive and finish.

Download Cloud Chasers from the Google Play Store