A lot of young people dream of flying a plane or a jet, but rarely do you see that one would wish to someday fly a helicopter. But after seeing movies or tv shows where they make it look so cool, you probably will change your mind. Well, we can’t offer you a course in helicopter flying, but what we will do is point you to a game that can help you practice, at least virtually. Welcome to the Helicopter Game Simulator.

This game isn’t just simply about you getting to try out one helicopter as you fly over one city. You actually get to choose from among 28 different ones (wait, there are more than five kinds???) and go on 3,240 different kinds of missions, whether it is rescuing people trapped in a flood, transporting important cargo (like maybe a heart for a transplant), helping the police out during car chases, or flying close to some sort of natural disaster so you can broadcast it live.

The game also has 5 different weather forecasts, including day and night flights. You also get to simulate real life scenarios, which would involve flying in both day and night conditions as well. The game also has 6 different modes: Career mode, Military, Coast Guard, Television Broadcast, Transport and Rescue and Tour flights, all of which you have to complete in order to finish the game.

You can download Helicopter Game Simulator from the Google Play Store for free. There is also a paid version, available for $1.99, where you get to enjoy more features of course.