Some say virtual driving is more fun than actual driving. But driving in mobile games can sometimes be stressful. If you think driving one car in a driving game is already difficult, wait until you need to drive all of the cars. That is the challenge in new mobile game Does Not Commute, as you traverse through a 1970s town with a temporal paradox where you take control of all vehicles.

The game starts out okay as there’s only just one car, then two, then three. Still pretty manageable right? But when school busies, ice cream trucks, sports cars, and other crazy vehicles start showing up, then it becomes out of control. And since you’re the one controlling the game, it will be entirely your fault if it becomes a chaotic city all of a sudden. But they’re not just random cars that will be in your hands. Before you take control of the vehicle, you get to know some of the characters and their back story, which will make you feel more connected to them.

The game is made up of different levels and multiple parts, which you have to complete one-by-one. Every time you complete a level, one more car appears, until things get a little bit more convoluted and complicated. You are also bound by time to complete each level so that brings even more pressure. But you’ll also get power-up items so you can add more seconds to your timer and what time is left is carried over to the next level. There are also other power-up items like turbo to help you out.

While the game is indeed challenging, if you’re someone who thrives on that kind of thing, then this is for you. You can download Does Not Commute from the Google Play Store for free, with some in-app purchases available.