For those who are old enough to have experienced watching old school camcorder movies during family night, there is something truly nostalgic about that flickering video, that grainy footage, that scratchy audio. But of course, video recording has evolved since then and so your children will never experience that retro way of recording and viewing your memories and will just have to make do with the super polished and enhanced video footage of their childhood. Oh wait, there’s apparently an app to cure all that now and it’s called VHS Camcorder.

With the app, people will be impressed and think you’ve built a time machine. But really, it’s an app that brings you throwback videos that are taken in the present. You can use it for 80s or even 90s themed parties. You can also use it for short film projects to give off the “found footage” feel. Recreate memories from your childhood but this time with your kids. There are so many ways that this app can make your videos more interesting than they actually are.


Not only will the app simulate old videotape recordings, it also gives you the whole tape noise and static and tracking distortion. You can also put the on-screen date and time graphics to give it an even more “authentic” retro feel and even fake the date if you want to fool someone. You can also use flashing titles, phony zoom lens, and widescreen recording options.

You can download the VHS Camcorder app from the Google Play Store for $2.99. And if you’re really into this whole retro video thing, that should be worth it.


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