Leading the way with the latest update to Gmail for Android has to be the custom notifications and priority sync options. They’ve basically improved how we get notified for those like me that get tons of emails daily, and also are helping our battery life at the same time — Thanks Google! What they’ve done is brought a decent list of a few much requested features in this latest and most beautiful update.

First off I’m excited about priority sync options. You can now choose to only automatically sync priority mail which will save battery life and help for business users or people who receive a large number of emails. You can also choose what tablet or devices get automatically synced and what ones don’t, this is great for those that have multiple devices but don’t need their home use tablet going off all day.

For labels you can now choose specific notification options for each label. Work can have a certain ringtone and only notify you on the first email instead of all of them, bank emails can be changed to their own loud and alerting sound. Many different options so you are notified how you want for any situation. Google also added a remember to “show pictures” for senders.

Countless bug fixes and performance increases were also included but nothing specific, the update should have hit late last night or this morning for most users or head to the market via the link below.

[via Android Market]



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