oHow your email app looks and functions is sometimes something we take for granted. But the reason why a lot of people use Gmail is that both its functionality and design is pretty easy to understand and very useful for those who are glued to their inboxes practically the whole day. Now it looks like Gmail is testing out a new redesign for the web version and with it comes features and UI changes that will further improve how we use (and appreciate) our email.

Google is adding features from the mobile version onto its web counterpart, like the smart reply function which uses AI to suggest what you can reply to certain emails. It will also bring you a new snooze feature that lets you temporarily remove an email from your inbox for a certain period until you’re ready to reply. That way you can avoid reading certain email threads, especially those that ask for a read receipt from receivers.

When it comes to the design, the major thing you can expect is a sidebar which lets you show your Google Calendar, Keep, or tasks so you can easily access these other Google apps for better productivity. There are also three new layouts that users can choose from: default view that highlights attachments, a comfortable view that doesn’t, and a compact view for those who still want to maintain the current one.

This new design will be available to G Suite and Gmail users in the next few weeks. It will probably be officially announced at the upcoming I/O developer conference which starts on May 8.

VIA: The Verge